Who are we?


By the cast for the cast...

We work together to bring exciting and relevant productions to a new audience. Productions are funded by the cast, who are partially reimbursed based on ticket sales. As a result, participation in the company's productions is an ideal opportunity for amateur thespians to gain experience in a real show at very good value.

The cast contribution is used to hire a director, pay for rehearsals and hire the theatre venue. The production team are volunteers and any monies from ticket sales are distributed back to the cast.

Our Philosophy


“ Sing the song of your life like a work of art, with some balance and grace, coloratura espressivo, some forte and a little bit of pianissimo, some solos and some ensemble pieces, a little bit of dolente and probably some wrong notes...” — Oliver Thorn

If you want to stay on top of your game throughout your life, it's important to life a full and varied life. On the other hand, we all obviously work hard to have as little drama in our lives as possible. Theatre gives you the best of both worlds; live the drama on stage and enjoy the security of your life off stage.


“Run with scissors” — Lawrence Carmichael

Your mother always told you not to run with scissors. It is the only way to develop fully and life a rich life though. We provide a safe space to do just that.


There is great economic value to be created by working together.

We live in a society which tells us constantly that the route to happiness lies in maximising our individual wealth, in consumerism and in buying the latest iPhone. We miss out on so much that is of so much more value to us. By working together intimately as a team to create a fabulous show, we create together so much more joy and fulfillment than conventional economics would grant.


Helping the world to play together

By creating great shows involving a mix of professional and part-time actors, we bring a colleagues and friends into the theatre who might rarely get around to going to see a show; inspiring more people to make and share art.

Our team