Acting in Lockdown

Ever since our live show, which was scheduled for May 2020, had to be shelved because of the lockdown, we've been trying to think of ways to keep acting. Fortunately, one of the team was in contact with a director who was keen to have a go at running a remote acting class on line.

We organized an online eight-week course over video conference [VC]. We did lots of general scene acting and scenes from different plays in the first half of the course. Then, in the second half, we prepared a heavily-abridged version of Oliver Lansley's Immaculate. This was performed live over VC and the resulting footage lightly edited to improve audio quality, remove glitches due to the VC software and add overlays and titles. Two additional scenes were then recorded separately and added in post. Here is the result…

Scenes from Immaculate

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