Ronin S MCC Cable Pinout

The Ronin S is a fantastic gimbal which has given us the agility we need to get out and film in public places.

In shots where the actors are moving towards or away from the camera, we need to be able to adjust the focus on the camera so that they are always clearly visible. This can be done on the camera, but it's tricky and makes it hard to keep the camera still. Or, you can buy a focus wheel for the gimbal and a cable to connect the gimbal to the camera. This means the you can control the focus without touching the camera, which makes things much easier.

The focus wheel costs £65, which is ok. BUT, for the cable -- which must cost around £1 to manufacture -- Ronin charges £17 + £7 postage. £24! And, if you have multiple cameras, you may need to buy one cable for each, as cameras have different types of sockets.

This cable is basically just a USB cable, which can be purchased very cheaply, with a proprietary connector on one end. The only reason you can't make one yourself is you don't know which of the five USB wires to connect to the eight pins on the Ronin.

Well, now you do. Here's the pinout for the plug on the Ronin end of the cable. If you connect these to the corresponding USB pins (pictured) you should be able to make your own cable.

If you do, please us me. We'd love to see what you've made.

Note: The Ronin plug is not quite a rectangle. It has two beveled corners which are towards the top in the image.

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