Second day on location

We returned for a second, and final, day of shooting on the set of Rebecca. It was a gorgious late-summer's day and, more importantly, the weather was identical to our first day, which will be a great help with continuity.


Last time we were using mobile phones, to record the audio, which proved to be deeply unsatisfactory. So, in advance of our second day of shooting, we invested in a field record and TRS extension cables, so that the lav mics could be plugged directly into the recorder. The disadvantage is that the actors have to be careful to not to trip over the wires. However, the sound engineer/camera man is able to monitor the quality of the audio live and so issues can be identified and fixed immediately.

We also invested in a boom mic, which gives a backup source of audio if the lavalier mics are affected by clothes rustle or other issues. An additional benefit of the recorder is that all audio tracks are recorded in sync and match up with the corresponding video clips, so it is much easier to organize the footage in post production.

While not perfect — it's almost certainly not possible to capture perfect audio on location — the results are much better than before and required much less work in post.

Vistit the project page to see the final film.

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