Scenes from Rebecca


After a whirlwind romance, the rich and glamorous Maxim de Winter returns home with his naive and inexperienced second wife. Arriving at Manderley, the new Mrs de Winter feels overshadowed by the ghostly presence of Maxim's previous and now deceased wife, Rebecca. A feeling which is perpetuated and exploited by Mrs Danvers, the venomous housekeeper.

Project Background

As the pandemic has progressed, it has become increasingly clear that live amateur theatre is a long way off and that we shouldn't plan to have people rehearsing together indoors, unless we can move them outdoors again at a moments notice. That means large group rehearsal and theatre performanecs are pretty much off the table for the time being.

On the other hand, actors want to act with other actors and it looks like doing this outside in small groups is actually pretty safe. So, what sort of creative work is perfectly suited to three or four people working outside… film!

Just like a lot of people, during lockdown, we were learning how to use technology to keep working, despite being shut in at home. Since then, we've been retraining and investing in the equipment and skills necessary to produce short films. There's a lot to get up to speed on, from how to operate the cameras, to lighting and sound, so we've been very busy.

Two of our actors had been preparing a series of scenes from Daphane de Maurier's Rebecca. The original plan was that these would be filmed remotely, but as the lockdown began to ease, we decided that this would be a great opportunity to experiment with filming on location.

We found an ideal location in the countryside, far enough from the road to be relatively quiet but still accessible with our equipment. We filmed in some gorgeous ruins which allowed our actors to be “indoors” while still being outdoors. Even better, we had two glorious late-summer days to do the filming. See our blog posts First day on location and Day two on location to see how things went.

Location: English countryside
Date: 20.08.2020 ‐ 20.10.2020