Screen Acting in the Park

Because of the pandemic, we can't be in the studio and we need to avoid large groups, but despite the challenges we were delighted to be able to orgainze a screen-acting course in December. We kept numbers to six per session, including director and technician and ran two sessions back-to-back, so that eight participants had the chance to develop their craft in a safe supportive environment.

These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for the participants to play, develop and get comfortable on camera in a fun supportive environment. We have a sophisitcated dual-camera setup which minimises the technical burden on the actors and allows them to relax into their characters.

Here are some clips…

Second Session

Frustratingly, Tier 4 happened just before our last session, so we didn't get to shoot the final scenes that the participants had been working on. We were able to shoot this rehearsal in session two though. It may only be a rehearsal, but fair-play to the actors, if this was the finished scene, we'd be delighted.

First Session



Female Narcissist


Male Narcissist